13 déc. 2010

Résumé du European media landscape report 2010

Le rapport annuel du European Media Landscape est désormais disponible en ligne sur le site de EIAA:

Key findings
  • 521m 16+ year old people in the 15 European countries sampled
  • According to EIAA’s latest Mediascope Europe study 76% (396m) of all 16+ year old people across 15 European markets surveyed use different media simultaneously with almost a third (30%) using the internet whilst they watch TV.
  • A third (33%) of Europeans cannot live without the internet, equal to the percentage of Europeans who claim they cannot live without TV.
  • 54% (279m) of Europeans use the internet in a typical week spending 12.1 hours online
  • 16‐24 year olds use the internet more frequently than they watch TV – 79% of this younger demographic use the internet between 5 and 7 days each week while 76% watch TV as regularly
  • More than 8 in 10 (83%) online Europeans use a broadband connection and over half (52%) of these broadband users are wireless 
  • The most popular web activities amongst all European internet users include email (76%),  communicating via social networking sites (45%), instant messaging (40%), watching film, TV or video clips (32%) and contributing to ratings and reviews (27%)
  • 71% state that as a result of the internet they are staying in touch with friends and relatives more, half (50%) have chosen better products or services and 47% are better able to manage their finances online
  • 55% of European internet users actively change their mind on what brand to buy after online research

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